Menopause – let me tell you what

Menopause, that dreaded female word.

No one can really prepare you truly for this stage of life.  I compare it to giving birth.  Other women can share their experiences, tips, and advice; however, until you actually go through it you don’t really know what to expect.

Menopause is the same.  Every women has some similarities but yet each body is different.  My best friend for example has not yet had to deal with the dreaded hot flashes.  Her menopause symptoms tend to be more mental.  While for me I think I could melt the North pole at any given “hot flash”.

I feel as women, we should be willing to share our experiences and any tips we have found helpful in dealing with this wonderful stage of life.

I am going to share a few things I have found to be helpful for me (and my family).

  1.  Herbal remedies.    I started taking a menopause support supplement many years ago.  This supplement really helped with my various mood swings.  Trust me when I say, my family can tell when I run out.  I use the NOW brand, but there are other great brands out there.
  2. Oils.  Yes, I’m on the oil band wagon.  I did my research and found that Clary Sage is good for helping with hot flashes.  So I purchased some and found that this is true.  It doesn’t rid them entirely; however, my hot flashes are not as intense.  I put Clary Sage on my lower abdomen every two to three hours.
  3. Limit caffeine.  Yes, I LOVE COFFEE!!!  This is hard to minimize, but I can tell a small difference not drinking coffee all day long.  I started switching to herbal tea by 3 in the afternoon.
  4. Exercise.  I already try to exercise at least three times a week, but it is very important to keep up some sort of exercise as you go through menopause.  Just wait until you have a hot flash while  jogging!! Talk about sweating those toxins out of your system!!!
  5. Eating healthy.  I know we all like to indulge.  I love my chocolate desserts.  But like the saying “everything in moderation”.  Try to get those healthy vegetables and fruit in your system.
  6. Counseling.  Sometimes you have a lot of outside stress factors going on in your life on top of menopause.  Do not be afraid to get some help.  I recommend good strong believing friends or a strong Christian counselor.

These are only a few things that are helping me to deal with my next stage of “womanhood”.  I am open to hear other tips that have helped you.

Please feel free to share.